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Q: How much does GEMS™ cost?
A: The basic functionality package pricing starts at $149.00 per month with a 30 day no risk free trial and no long term contracts.  The basic package includes the GEMS Dasboard, Order Tracker, Demo Tracker, Basic Member Profile, Task Manager, Search and Send Contact from the website.  Also in the basic package for mobile users there is the NEW Mobile GEMS™ site that includes the mobile versions of the Order Tracker, Demo Tracker, Member Profile, and Task Management.  Other functionality is available like the Event Manager our Teen and Play Sheets, Extended member Profile, and more.  The GEMS functionality can be made available in many different packages to support your club's specific needs. 

Q: What type of information is available in GEMS™?
A: Nearly anything you want to know about your membership is made available (e.g. golf equipment, individual club specifications, locker inventory, favorite drinks, etc.) in addition if there is something entirely unique to your membership GEMS has the ability to make that available too.

Q: How does GEMS™ support my golf shop?
A: Having good business processes are key to running an efficient business.  GEMS supports the business processes already in place in your golf shop by brining visibility to areas previously left up to the golf professional to manage on their own time, as well as, helping bring best practices selling processes that will maximize membership encounters.

Q: How do I get GEMS™ running at my club?
A: The minimum information to get started is a list of your membership with their respective local membership identification number and primary email.  This information will enable the GEMS support team to begin on-boarding your membership into GEMS.

Q: What happens during the GEMS™ on-boarding process?
A: There are three main steps:
1) Demonstration - A demonstration by a GEMS professional salesperson is the first step in the on-boarding process.  The demonstration will allow the GEMS support team to customize your configuration of GEMS to suite your needs.
2) Member Initialization - Depending on your individual club’s needs, information may be uploaded, or entered into GEMS manually.  The minimum requirement for member initialization is the local club membership identification number.  However, providing as much member information as available to the GEMS support team is beneficial in speeding up the on-boarding process.
3) On-site Visit (optional) – Depending on the GEMS configuration it may be beneficial to have a GEMS professional have an onsite visit to provide training and detailed member initialization.

Q: How do I contact a GEMS™ sales professional?
A: Go to the Contacts tab located on this website and send an email to our sales team and they will contact you within one day.

Q: How secure is the information stored in GEMS?
A: The GEMS application uses HTTPS as its protocol for moving information over the Internet. This is the same level of security that banks and financial institutions use to transmit data on the World Wide Web.

Q: What are the system requirements to use GEMS?
A: We recommend clients use Internet Explorer 8 with the latest service packs available. Additionally, GEMS will work on other web browsers such as Firefox and Safari.
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